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Chewelah Youth & Community



Baseball Bat
3-7pm [FREE Dinner]
@ Abundant Life Church
[Next to Bank of America, Chewelah]
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thecycfoundation 'at sign' gmail 'dot' com

3:30-9pm [FREE Dinner]
@ Abundant Life Church
[Next to Bank of America, Chewelah]

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Chewelah is a great place to live. A great example of why small town living is a desireable idea! Even though it's a great place, there's always room for improvement. That is one of the reasons we organized this foundation.

We know there is a real need for activities in any small town, and we know the more constructive stuff there is for youth to do, the less likely it is that youth will cause trouble.

Starting with youth activities isn't enough for us though. We feel there should be activities for adults to participate in as well. Afterall we're all social beings.

As an organization, we team up with exsisting groups to help advise and facilitate more activities. We also spearhead our own activities that include:
Game Nite
Movie Nite [Starting soon, in 2013]
Holiday Parties [Christmas, Independence Day & Cinco de Mayo]

and more....[While there is a youth emphasis, all ages are welcome!]

We also plan on adding Tutoring in all core subjects starting in Jan. of 2013 ...

Beyond the activities, we also oversee some other projects including:
The Chewelah Tree of Sharing
Mentorship Programs
Community Service cordination.

In our attempt to 'branch-out' and help other groups, we 'support' the new, non profit, communicty broadcast radio station KCHW 102.7 FM. They're new, they have a variety of programming and are looking for help. Check out their info as well!

In time we hope our activities and projects increase. We need the community support and strive to earn just that, the support of YOU and the community as a whole. We hope you will consider assisting us in some way as we grow our organization!

Check back here often to see more details on specific activities, projects and on things that we are working on....feel free to email us or check out one of our activity nites [we know nites is spelled wrong, its to set us apart and show our youth emphasis!]

Info current as of July. 2013